3 Incredible Advantages Of Equipping A Smart Security System In Your Home


Owning a home is great, but there are always security threats to be mindful of. If you want added comfort concerning this aspect of home ownership, you should invest in a smart home security system. It comes with the following advantages that you'll certainly want for your family.  Mobile Monitoring  There probably will be a time when you want to check in on your home while you're away, such as at work or on a family vacation.

22 February 2019

Security Facts Homeowners Should Know


Regardless of where individuals live, it is a fact of life that there is a risk of criminals burglarizing the property. Preventing your home from falling victim to burglary or other forms of crime will require a thorough understanding about residential security. Many Burglars Are Active During the Day There is a misconception that criminals only tend to burglarize homes during the overnight hours. However, this would be counterproductive as the owners of the home are more likely to be present at night.

12 July 2018

Pros And Cons Of Using A Security Door Brace


If you're seeking ways to protect a home into which you've recently moved, a security system might be your top priority. Your local security professional can also introduce you to some complementary devices that can further increase your family's feeling of security when it's home. One such device is a door brace — a heavy steel device that consists of two pieces. One piece is installed into the floor on the inside of the door, while the other piece mounts to the piece on the floor and sticks up.

18 March 2018

Four Smart Ways To Save Money On Commercial Property Upkeep


If you've recently purchased a commercial property, you're probably looking for ways to keep operating costs as low as possible. Fortunately, today's commercial building owners have many available options for saving money on operating costs as well as minimizing the risk that their investment may be damaged by costly lawsuits. Following are just four of the many ways that you protect your investment and save money on upkeep.  Go Green 

31 August 2017

Have A Sprinkler And Fire Alarm System? Here's How To Open And Close Your Water Main Valves


If you have installed a sprinkler that is connected to your fire alarm monitoring system, there are a few important things to understand about how the systems work and how shutting off your water supply can affect them. Here's what you need to know.  How The Systems Work Together  The sprinkler system activates when a heat sensor senses a significant amount of heat. When this sensor turns on the water in the sprinklers, a water flow valve detects the change in water pressure and signals the fire alarm monitoring service.

10 January 2016

4 Reasons Why Monitored Security May Be Better Than A DIY Alarm System


These days, there are many "DIY" alarm systems available to homeowners; but, the truth is that there simply is no replacement for the peace of mind you would enjoy with a monitored security system. The idea behind a DIY alarm system is that it's cheaper--but at what cost? By understanding the true benefits of a monitored system, you might find that you want to think twice about that DIY alarm system at your home.

14 August 2015

4 Ways To Beef Up Security At Your Home


Nobody wants to become a victim of a home invasion, but the unfortunate reality is that it can happen to anybody and at any time. That's exactly why it's so important to take the time to improve security around your home. Aside from keeping doors and windows locked, there are some other steps you can take to beef up security on your property and reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a home break-in.

10 August 2015

3 Ways A Surveillance System Can Benefit Your Small Retail Business


If you own a small business, you should consider investing in a surveillance system. A surveillance system will help you run your business more effectively and make sure that your employees are being honest and working hard at all times, even when you are not present. Benefit #1: Cut Down On Employee Thief Many small business owners wrongly assume that when it comes to theft, they need to watch out for their customers.

30 July 2015

Hardening Small Businesses Against Online Attackers


The small business represents an area of security risk that can seem tempting and easy for novice and seasoned hackers alike. The combination of business revenue and a low likelihood of a robust Information Security (IS) plan means that hackers with enough self confidence can use your business to get some bigger, more lucrative practice than the average home computer attack. To understand the threats and mitigate your IS risks, keep a few attack angles and hacking concepts in mind.

27 July 2015

Three Reasons Why Parents Of Autistic Children Should Have Alarm Systems In Their Homes


Having an autistic child means that you have to take extra precautions than other parents often have to take. There are some autistic children who do not realize that certain things are dangerous for them to do. In order to keep your child as safe as possible, use the following guide to learn why a security system may be such a great investment for you.      Keep Your Child Indoors With You

16 July 2015