Essential Considerations When Installing Access Controls In An Apartment Building


Tenants' safety and security is a property manager's responsibility. Therefore, if you still rely on sentries to secure an apartment building, consider an access control system for enhanced security. However, talk to a security expert for advice before committing any money.

Typically, consultations about access control systems address several issues, including make and model, cost, installation, and maintenance. However, rather than solely rely on a service provider's input, conduct due diligence to make positive contributions or suggestions. This post highlights essential considerations when installing access controls in an apartment building.

1. Residents' Preference

Although security is critical, understanding what residents want in an access control system is essential. Unfortunately, some property managers assume tenants will accept any solution if it meets basic security needs. Since access control systems have distinct features and capabilities, establish your tenants' preferences to make an informed decision.

First, share informative material on different access control systems with residents. Subsequently, ask tenants to indicate their preferred solution and share the feedback with a service provider for brainstorming. For example, a security expert might recommend a keypad-based access control if most tenants prefer to key in a passcode instead of using biometrics. Overall, consider residents' suggestions to enhance security without compromising user experience.

2. Competitors' Choice

The property management industry continues to grow; therefore, investors should enhance tenants' satisfaction with the right access control system to gain a competitive advantage. However, benchmark with competitors to make an informed decision. For example, if a competitor keeps replacing tenants' lost keycards, install a smart lock system compatible with smartphones.

Take advantage of emerging technologies to make your multifamily apartments attractive to tenants. For example, integrate access controls with doorbells, security cameras, home entertainment systems, and lighting for a seamless experience. Most importantly, use access control solutions to attract and retain tenants.

3. Return on Investment

Access control systems cost money; therefore, choose a solution with a good return on investment (ROI). Consult a security expert to help since each solution boasts unique benefits and challenges. For example, remote technical support makes cloud-based access control appliances cheaper to maintain than on-site models.

Consider access control ROI since the initial investment is relatively high, especially for feature-packed models. For instance, compare different solutions' installation, maintenance, and upgrade expenses to understand the long-term cost implication. Select an affordable but effective setup to avoid passing the cost to tenants and losing business or compromising security.

Consult a security service to select an access control system for your apartment building. In particular, discuss residents' preferences, competitors' choices, and the expected return on investment to make the right choice.


19 June 2023

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