4 Ways A Web-Based Card Access Control System Eases Security Management


Would you like to impose tighter controls on access to your premises? The most effective way to do it would be installing an access control system. While access control systems have been around for a long time, they have evolved to offer higher security and convenience. Today, you can operate an access control system from wherever you are in the world. It has changed access control operations completely, with more flexibility in granting and revoking access permissions. How does installing a web-based card access control system impact your security operations?

1. Easier Management of Multiple Sites

Access control systems are usually deployed for a single building or facility. However, some businesses have multiple sites. In this situation, managing all of the access control devices from a single location is tough. You can manage access control devices from anywhere in the globe using a web-based card access control system. This makes it easier to manage several physical sites from a single virtual location.

2. Security Management Is Decentralized

If you have many facilities, managing them from a single location may not be possible. You can administer access control systems from anywhere in the globe using a web-based card access control system.

Based on their roles and responsibilities, you can also assign authority to manage an access control system to your staff. This helps decentralize security management and reduces the load on your employees who manage multiple facilities.

3. Faster Backup and Recovery

A web-based card access control system has a central database, which stores all of your access control data and logs. You can back up the database and recover it in case of data loss or corruption. This allows you to maintain your access control system without affecting users, even if you lose data for some reason.

A web-based system does continuous automatic data backups, offering improved data security. In addition, offsite data storage ensures the data is safe against natural calamities and sabotage.

4. Easier Integration With Other Security Equipment

An access control system is simply one part of a comprehensive security plan. Other security equipment, such as fire alarms, cameras, and intrusion detection systems, must function in tandem with your access control system to provide a comprehensive security solution. A web-based card access control system works in tandem with other security systems to give a complete security solution.

A web-based access control solution improves the flexibility and efficiency of your security administration. Consult with your security equipment provider about a web-based card access control system.


9 March 2022

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