3 Reasons You Could Need Emergency Locksmith Services


Even a security-conscious homeowner may end up needing emergency locksmith services due to mischance, miscommunication, or misdemeanors (such as break-ins). Here are some reasons why you could need emergency locksmith services.

1. Precocious Toddlers or Pets

One common type of emergency service locksmiths provide is emergency lockout service. Even if you're careful never to lock your own keys in the house, you could be thwarted by a precocious toddler or pet who pushes a locked door shut behind you. This can be a true emergency since the child or pet may require close supervision to be safe.

2. Miscommunication About Keys

You've heard that communication is crucial in relationships, but you may not have considered that miscommunication could get you locked out of your home. If your partner thought they hid the spare key but actually forgot, or took your house key from your key ring and forgot to mention it to you, you could end up locked out through no fault of your own.

3. Break-Ins

In some situations, a break-in could damage your door's locking mechanism or even the door itself, meaning you'll need new locking hardware or even a new door. In other situations, you may experience an illicit entry by someone who has a key, such as a subcontractor from a remodeling job or a burglar who knows where you keep your spare house key.

But whether the burglar found the key under your welcome mat or whether you handed it to them, installing new locks (or at least re-keying your locks) will keep your home safer. If the burglar broke in once, they could do it again, meaning your entire home's security is compromised until you've made their key obsolete.

4. Breakups

Not every breakup is amicable. If your significant other moves out of the house and doesn't give back your house key on the way out, you may need to have your locks replaced ASAP. This is especially important if you feel your ex may hold a grudge or have violent tendencies, but it's good practice in any breakup where hard feelings are involved.

As you can see, emergency locksmith services aren't just for when you accidentally lock your keys in the house or car. An emergency locksmith can get you out of a variety of tight spots. So put your local emergency locksmith's number in your contacts now (and outside your front door just to be safe), just in case you ever experience one of these issues. Look up emergency locksmiths like A-A Lock & Alarm Inc today.


28 August 2020

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