Pros And Cons Of Using A Security Door Brace


If you're seeking ways to protect a home into which you've recently moved, a security system might be your top priority. Your local security professional can also introduce you to some complementary devices that can further increase your family's feeling of security when it's home. One such device is a door brace — a heavy steel device that consists of two pieces. One piece is installed into the floor on the inside of the door, while the other piece mounts to the piece on the floor and sticks up. When in place, a door brace prevents your door from being opened. Here are some pros and cons of this device for you to consider.

Pro: Its Simplicity Is Valuable

There are all sorts of complicated home security devices on the market, but there are arguably few that are as simple as the door brace. You'll likely leave the upper half of the brace off during the day and when your family members are coming and going, but when you want to "set" the device, doing so takes only seconds. Additionally, you can easily see from across the room whether the device is set or not.

Con: Its Appearance May Not Suit You

Many homeowners like the idea of feeling safe at home, but don't want to use devices that make their home feel like a fort. This is why those who opt for security bars over their windows typically get bars with ornate shapes. Although a door brace isn't quite as visible when you have the upper half set aside, you can't hide the lower half. In some homes, the presence of this device will stick out and you may not like its appearance.

Pro: It's Essentially Foolproof

When the door brace is in place, there's essentially no way that a burglar or assailant would be able to get into your home through the door. Placing door braces behind each of your external doors can thus give your home something of an impenetrable feel, which can be appealing to most homeowners. Even with the front door unlocked, a criminal would not be able to overcome this device.

Con: You May Have Flooring Concerns

A door brace isn't overly complicated to install, but it does involve cutting a small hole in your floor. If you have hardwood, this job is relatively easy. However, if you have tile or slate, the job gets a little more complicated. Not only are these materials tougher to drill and cut, but there's also the risk of them cracking during the installation process. If the pros of a door brace outweigh the cons, speak to your security company about this device. If you're concerned about the cons, plan another type of device for protection.

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18 March 2018

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