Have A Sprinkler And Fire Alarm System? Here's How To Open And Close Your Water Main Valves


If you have installed a sprinkler that is connected to your fire alarm monitoring system, there are a few important things to understand about how the systems work and how shutting off your water supply can affect them. Here's what you need to know. 

How The Systems Work Together 

The sprinkler system activates when a heat sensor senses a significant amount of heat. When this sensor turns on the water in the sprinklers, a water flow valve detects the change in water pressure and signals the fire alarm monitoring service. Therefore, in order for the fire alarm monitoring service to get notified that there is potentially a fire in your residence, the water needs to flow to the sprinklers. This, of course, can pose a problem if you shut off the water main for your entire home. 

Know Your Two Water Main Valves

For most homes with fire sprinklers, the installation services of these life-saving devices install a second valve to the water main, with the sprinkler system branching off between the first and second valves. You'll need to be sure to only shut off the second valve, not the first. Be sure to ask your fire alarm installation service to tell you which valve is the second one so you know exactly which one to shut off when you go on vacation or are asked by the water company to turn off your water main. 

Learn How To Close And Open The Valves

Both main and secondary valves have wheel handles that need to be turned clockwise to shut off the water supply. It may take several revolutions to shut the water off completely, but you'll feel when the valve is closed because it won't be able to be turned any further. 

If you have a boiler for your heating supply, be sure to shut down your boiler any time you turn off the second valve. The reason for this is because your boiler needs a continuous flow of water to replenish the water in the boiler. If there is not enough water in the boiler, it could cause the boiler to explode. 

To open the valve, be sure that all of your faucets are closed except one on the highest level of your home or the one that is furthest away from the valve. This will help bleed air from the water lines and allow water to move freely while not affecting the water line to your sprinkler system. Slowly turn the wheel handle counter-clockwise until you hear water flowing through the line. 

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10 January 2016

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