3 Ways A Surveillance System Can Benefit Your Small Retail Business


If you own a small business, you should consider investing in a surveillance system. A surveillance system will help you run your business more effectively and make sure that your employees are being honest and working hard at all times, even when you are not present.

Benefit #1: Cut Down On Employee Thief

Many small business owners wrongly assume that when it comes to theft, they need to watch out for their customers. In retail stores, 42.7% of inventory shrinkage comes from employee theft, and up to 75% of people admit to having stolen from an employer at least once in their lives. As a small business, you cannot afford to deal with the theft of your merchandise

These startling statistics show that if you want to cut down on theft from your store, you need to keep a close eye on your employees. A surveillance system allows you to keep an eye on your employees and ensure that no one steals or takes anything. If you do catch an employee stealing from you, you will have the video evidence you need to prosecute them.

Benefit #2: Monitor Employee Productivity When You Are Not Present

You cannot always be present to watch your employees. For your small business to succeed, you need to have employees who do the right thing even when you are not there. You need employees who are always doing their job, and are not pulling out their cell phones or just goofing off when they aren't being supervised.

A surveillance system allows you to see how your employees act when you are not around. You can use the information you gather from watching your surveillance videos to provide your employees with coaching on how to be more effective. You can also use the information to discipline employees who are not following agreed upon rules at work and to reward employees who always stay on task.

A surveillance system can help you more effectively manage your employees at all times.

Benefit #3: Keep An Eye On Off Limit Areas

If you have areas that are off-limit to all or certain employees, a surveillance system will help you ensure that only the proper people have access to those areas at all time. For example, you may not want all employees to have access to your business safe or your bookkeeping records.

A surveillance system will allow you to ensure that those off-limit areas are respected and will allow you to take appropriate action when those rules are not followed.

If you own a small retail business, consider investing in a surveillance system from a professional company, like Faith Enterprises LLC. A surveillance system will help you cut down on customer and employee thief and will help you better manage your employees when you are not present.


30 July 2015

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