Hardening Small Businesses Against Online Attackers


The small business represents an area of security risk that can seem tempting and easy for novice and seasoned hackers alike. The combination of business revenue and a low likelihood of a robust Information Security (IS) plan means that hackers with enough self confidence can use your business to get some bigger, more lucrative practice than the average home computer attack. To understand the threats and mitigate your IS risks, keep a few attack angles and hacking concepts in mind.

Attacking User Ignorance Is Key

Not all hacking is done by targeted, concerted efforts to break into a specific system. You, your colleagues and/or subordinates could be walking into bait laid out by phishers to find potential victims. In addition to becoming a more tempting target if hackers discover your status as a business, you expose yourself to multiple attack vectors (possible methods) in the form of others in your business.

Computer security training is key, but there's always the risk of an employee not taking things seriously or taking unnecessary risks. For example, the opening attack vector could have been an employee downloading fake programs to watch videos on work computers. The hackers are notified or later check the victims who have downloaded their fake program only to discover other weaknesses.

The same employee could have many other vulnerabilities, enabling multiple methods to break into the system without alerting virus protection suites. If the employee has access to network resources, the hackers now have access to network resources--and the ability to learn more about your business over time.

A hasty hacker might try to steal financial information immediately and make some purchases. A smarter hacker may secure their ability to enter at any time, monitor your systems long enough to establish patterns and begin a long-term plan for siphoning funds.

The threat isn't limited to a single employee not doing their job properly, but from multiple users downloading what they shouldn't be downloading. Illegal programs, fake programs masquerading as legitimate work programs and emails with attachments are just a few of the techniques, and new attack vectors are made as quickly as attackers can imagine.

Planning A Security Hardening System

The wrong attitude to take is one of stopping all threats at all times. There's no such thing as a perfect defense, and while you're out looking for the best anti-virus suite, hackers could be exploiting the openings every time to change software or experiment with settings you don't understand.

Your Information Technology (IT) equipment needs a robust monitoring system with multiple methods of information recording. Don't just rely on saving logs to the server; a hacker who wants to cover attack tracks would look for logs and clear everything that points to the original attack. Have a few one-way reporting methods such as emailing a security account that is managed by security specialists and outside of the hands of your business.

With a combination of anti-virus protection, monitoring and third party security, you can keep a closer eye on what changes occur and act more quickly when a new threat arises--whether from a hacker's brilliant acts of malice, an employee's mistakes or both. Contact an online security awareness professional like one from Prilock to discuss the security status of your network.


27 July 2015

Protect Your Business Investment

Ever since I became an adult, I’ve dreamed about moving to the mountains after my husband retires from his job. At this time, I would love to open a bed and breakfast in a beautiful mountain town. In order to protect my business establishment, I will need to invest in a state-of-the-art security system. Because I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve ever had in my life, I don’t want to lose it overnight due to a smart thief. If you are planning to open a bed and breakfast in the near future, don’t forget to install a technologically advanced security system before your first guest arrives. On this blog, you will discover the best types of security systems to install at a bed and breakfast.