Theft Deterrent System: Choosing An Outdoor Security System


If you want to protect your home from thieves, make your home a hard target. One of the best ways to intimidate would-be thieves as well as to help the police track them down is to install a security camera. However, when you choose an outdoor security camera, you need to pay attention to features to make sure that your camera actually works how you want it to. 

Lights, Camera, Capture

Any movie director can tell you that lighting is crucial to capturing a good picture. Unfortunately, as the sun falls, your camera's ability to capture usable film might be eclipsed. You have a couple of choices to make sure that your camera captures the crisp details that police need to identify thieves:

1. Motion-Sensor Lights: You can add motion-sensor lights which will light up your yard whenever there is movement. Floodlights will then bathe your yard in light and illuminate intruders for your camera.

2. A Motion-Sensor Camera: Some security cameras come equipped with the ability to sense movement with infrared sensors. Once movement is detected, your cameras will bathe your yard in infrared light to help capture pictures. 

Wireless Capabilities

If you use a camera that uses power and audio-visual wires, thieves could potentially cut the wires and bypass the camera. Thus, when you look for a security camera, you should look for a wireless model. As long as you change the batteries regularly, your camera should supply an uninterrupted view of your yard. 

Wide-Angle Lens

If you put a camera in a hallway, your camera will most likely only need to capture what lies directly in front of the camera. On the other hand, when you put a camera in an open area, you need a wid-angle lens camera that will allow you to monitor a wide swath of yard so that you limit the number of cameras required to cover your full yard. 

Color Camera

A color image gives the shows you watch on your TV a more realistic look, but color is also important for police. Eye, skin, and hair color provide valuable evidence that police can use to help identify any criminal who breaks into your house.

When you buy a security camera, remember that not all cameras are created equal. Pay attention to the features of the cameras you consider for purchase so that you buy one that will actually provide the security you are after. Contact a professional security company, like American Wireless Alarm Inc, for more information on their available cameras.


13 July 2015

Protect Your Business Investment

Ever since I became an adult, I’ve dreamed about moving to the mountains after my husband retires from his job. At this time, I would love to open a bed and breakfast in a beautiful mountain town. In order to protect my business establishment, I will need to invest in a state-of-the-art security system. Because I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve ever had in my life, I don’t want to lose it overnight due to a smart thief. If you are planning to open a bed and breakfast in the near future, don’t forget to install a technologically advanced security system before your first guest arrives. On this blog, you will discover the best types of security systems to install at a bed and breakfast.