The Requirements For Installing An Occupant Fire Hose


If you have a building that has a high fire risk, you may decide to have fire hoses installed in your building. Before you do, you will want to make sure that your employees are trained properly and that you perform regular maintenance of the fire hose.

Understanding Fire Hoses

Occupant use hoses are fire hoses that are stored within a building. These fire hoses are intended for use by building occupants rather than for use by professional firefighters. While the building occupants are not expected to fight fires, the fire hose is sometimes essential if the building occupants become trapped by a fire and need a hose to douse the flame enough to allow the occupants to escape. Also, occupant use fire hoses are used when fires are at the early stages and are confined to only one area.

Occupant fire hoses are not always a good tool to include on your property. Make sure that the types of fires that are likely to occur on your property are the types that respond well to water. You should also include a fire hose as well as a fire extinguisher to put out fires that are not easily put out by water.

Training Your Employees

If you will have a fire hose installed in your building, you should invite firefighters to come and demonstrate how to properly use a fire hose. There may even be training programs available where your staff members can test the use of an actual fire hose.

Your employee's first responsibility is to make sure that the other building occupants know that there is a fire. The employee will either need to sound the fire alarm or shout to tell others that there is a fire.

The employee should not use the fire hose if he or she does not know what is causing the burning or if the type of fire is one that would not be put out by water, such as a grease fire. Make sure your employees are trained on how to put out several types of fires and when to call the fire department.

Maintaining Your Fire Hose

If you will use a fire hose in your facility, you will need to make sure that they are regularly tested to verify that they work properly. If the fire hose does not work properly, but employees anticipate that they will, they will be put at a greater risk when they aren't able to use the fire hose. The hose will need a pressure test after a certain number of intervals, based on the manufacturer's specifications. During the pressure test, the hose must also be inspected to make sure that there are no signs of damage, wear, or tear. 


3 July 2015

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